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Here to serve for over 15 years, our legal team can help you with any type of Mortgage and Loan Enforcement situation that you may encounter. Have a power of sale or foreclosure matter you are not sure about? Contact Us Now!

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We handle Mortgage and Loan Enforcement Proceeding, Together with Debt Collection, Default notices & Demand Letters

Of any type and size, with some of the brightest and most motivated minds in the business, there is no better choice when it comes to legal advice than Levy Zavet Lawyers.

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    Our consultations are completely confidential and will give you the opportunity to explain your own, individual legal situation to one of our legal team experts.

  • Speed and Delicacy

    Our Lawyers respond to our clients’ needs of urgency with speed and delicacy.  More importantly, we always keep you informed of our progress and how to navigate through a robust strategy to recovery.

  • Ontario Law Experts

    Our legal experts are trained in Ontario-based law and can assist you in any type of Mortgage or Loan Enforcement legal situation.  Not all provinces are the same, in Ontario, for example, defaulting on a mortgage would result in typically a power of sale or foreclosure proceeding.

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If you find that you may soon be in need of enforcing a Mortgage or any Loan, including sending out default notices or legal demand letters, as well as debt collection services, you should immediately contact us.

Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Levy Zavet Lawyers offers free and confidential consultations to any potential client wishing to speak to one of our experienced and motivated Lawyers.

  • Mortgage Definition

    A mortgage is a type of lien on the real estate property it is registered against, and represents security for the debt. Separate and apart from the security, a mortgage is a promise to pay. Most homeowners in today’s financial market are familiar with, or engaged in, a mortgage agreement, and possibly a Loan Enforcement situation.

  • Power of Sale, Covenant & Creditor

    If a mortgage goes into default the creditor can get paid from selling the real estate property (Power of Sale) as well as by getting a judgment on the promise to pay (usually referred to as the covenant). Alternatively, the creditor (usually called the mortgagee) can start a foreclosure proceeding to take title to the real estate property, which is more common in situations where selling the property may not result in a full recovery.

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If you find yourself in need of any legal advice regarding Mortgage and Loan Enforcement or if you are currently involved in a legal situation regarding Mortgage and Loan Enforcement, do not hesitate to contact Levy Zavet Lawyers for a consultation.

Debt Collection

At Levy Zavet Lawyers our legal experts can help you with any debt collection situation.

  • Debt Collection in Canada

    Debt collection can be a serious worry when it comes to protecting your family and assets. In Ontario there are various reasonable and unreasonable collection practices that must be obeyed by debt collectors. Having a Lawyer who is well-versed in debt-related law is a valuable asset if you find yourself in any sort of, demand, lawsuit or legal situation. 

    In Canada, debt collection law depends on the various provinces and territories that govern that jurisdiction, and Levy Zavet’s Legal Team is well-educated and experienced in debt collection rules and regulations, ensuring you knowledgeable advice and consultations on the subject.

    Our Lawyers will carefully listen to your concerns and needs while working to analyze your case and suggest a strategy. Our team will explore all options open to you and advise you on your situation and its potential directions and outcomes.

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If you find yourself in any sort of position that relates to commercial debt collections, personal debt, loan defaults or breach of contract, the Levy Zavet Lawyers are here to help you.

Default & Demand

At Levy Zavet Lawyers our legal experts can help you with any mortgage default & demand letter situation.

  • Mortgage Default Definition

    A mortgage default or lone default means that the borrower violated one or more of the terms of the mortgage or loan agreement, including a promissory note. A promissory note, loan or mortgage agreement is a contract that lists all the terms and obligations of the debt. The most obvious default is failure to make a required regular payment.

    However, a number of other things can be classified as defaults as well. These include not having property insurance, not paying property taxes, obtaining a subsequent mortgage or other loan on the property, failing to take adequate care of the property or security, trying to sell the property or security without consent or paying off the debt. 

    Because the real estate property, such as a home, is security or collateral for the loan, a lender has an interest in maintaining its value. Failing to have proper insurance or failing to pay property taxes, for example, can jeopardize the value of the property or equity remaining for the lender to recover against on a sale. 

  • Demand Letter Definition

    A demand letter is a formal legal document sent by us to the debtor or borrower, including any guarantors, requesting payment or other action to right a wrong such as a breach of any of the terms of the loan agreement, including paying the arrears, interest, penalties and other costs such as your legal fees.

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Let the lawyers at Levy Zavet immediately demand that the borrower remedy any default prior to taking further enforcement proceedings in an attempt to save the loan, and advise on all matters of debt collection and legal demand, including court proceedings.

Our Mortgage Enforcement, Loan and Debt Collection Team

Our legal experts are trained in Lending and Mortgage Law and have years of experience in Ontario-based rules and regulations. 

Jeff Levy

Lawyer & Managing Partner - Email is [email protected]; Tel is 416-477-5941

Mr. Levy represents mortgage investment corporations (MICs), mortgage funds, mortgage brokerages and administrators from all provinces wanting to extend loans in Ontario.  Jeff works with many MICs, mortgage lenders, including private lenders, and lenders of all kinds from nearly every province in Canada, including British Columbia (BC), Manitoba, Alberta, and the maritime provinces.  Jeff Levy is extremely experienced in understanding complicated mortgage loan agreements with multi-collateral structures, diverse payments and elaborate recovery provisions for every unique situation. His long history of experience in mortgage enforcement, power of sale, and foreclosures, has given him the knowledge to foretell viable exit strategies at the loan origination stage of almost every single mortgage deal.

Julian Binavince

Lawyer & Partner - Email is [email protected]; Tel is 647-847-7272

Julian heads the firm’s litigation department and his advocacy practice is focused on debt recovery and complex court proceedings including receivership and collateral recovery.  Mr. Binavince often litigates on behalf of clients in recovering debts owed through equipment leasing and financing, construction and real estate disputes, construction liens and mortgages, breach of contract, franchise disputes and corporate governance issues such as shareholder rights and obligations of directors and officers.

Shervin Rismani

Lawyer & Partner - Email is [email protected]; Tel is 647-847-7273

Shervin exclusively advises institutional as well as private lending corporations on a broad range of matters, including secured financing, securitization, construction financing, enforcement, joint ventures, operating contracts, inter-lender agreements, postponements and standstill disputes as well as mortgage enforcement and recovery.  Shervin greatly enjoys working closely in both the private mortgage and equipment leasing and financing space, and focuses immensely on working hand in hand with his clients in all aspects of a loan transaction.  This often includes getting involved from the very beginning during the underwriting stages to enforcement proceedings and recovery.

Michael Suria

Senior Associate - Lawyer - Email is [email protected]; Tel is 647-847-7278

Michael graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours B. Sc. in Biochemistry, where he graduated with Distinction. Prior to studying law he was involved in biomedical research with the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario. Michael completed his J.D. at the University of British Columbia in 2009 and articled with a boutique tax and business firm in Toronto. Michael’s practice involves commercial and general civil litigation, with a focus on tax dispute resolution and estate litigation. Michael maintains a strong interest in tax and estate planning.

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